4MM Spc Marble Flooring

SPC Flooring Specification
Color Code 87024
Thickness 3.8mm, 4mm, 4.2mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm
Wear Layer 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm
Size 600mm*300mm
Surface Marble, Leather,Stone

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SPC Flooring Specification
Color Code 87024
Thickness 3.8mm, 4mm, 4.2mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm
Wear Layer 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm
Size 600mm*300mm
Surface Marble, Leather,Stone
Core Material 100% virgin material
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Special treatment V-Groove, Soundproof EVA/IXPE
Installation Method Floating

IXPE Backing

Plain EVA Backing

Carpet Surface

Crystal Surface

Handscraped Spc Flooring

9 Laboratory

SPC Floor Fireproof Test

SPC Floor Waterproof Test

Deep Embossed Surface

Leather Surface

Light Embossed

Marble Surface

Real Wood

SPC Floor Anti-scracth Test

4 SPC Health Board

5 SPC Quality Test

1 Workshop

2 SPC Coextrusion Machine

3 UV Machine

10 Warehouse

7 SPC Click Macking Machine

11 Loading

8 Foam Adding Machine

6 SPC Cutting Machine/strong>

SPC Floor Packing List
Size sqm/pc kgs/sqm pcs/ctn sqm/ctn ctn/pallet pallet/20ft sqm/20ft ctns/20ft Cargo Weight/20ft
910×148*3.8mm 0.13468 7.8 16 2.15488 63ctn/12pallet,     70ctn/12pallet 24 3439.190 1596 27300
910×148*4mm 0.13468 8.2 15 2.02020 63ctn/6pallet,     70ctn/18pallet 24 3309.088 1638 27600
910*148*5mm 0.13468 10.2 12 1.61616 70 24 2715.149 1680 28000
910*148*6mm 0.13468 12.2 10 1.34680 70 24 2262.624 1680 28000
1220*148*4mm 0.18056 8.2 12 2.16672 72ctn/10pallet,     78ctn/10pallet 20 3250.080 1500 27100
1220*148*5mm 0.18056 10.2 10 1.80560 72 20 2600.064 1440 27000
1220*148*6mm 0.18056 12.2 8 1.44448 78 20 2253.390 1560 27900
1220*178*4mm 0.21716 8.2 10 2.17160 75 20 3257.400 1500 27200
1220*178*5mm 0.21716 10.2 8 1.73728 75 20 2605.920 1500 27000
1220*178*6mm 0.21716 12.2 7 1.52012 70ctn/10pallet,     75ctn/10pallet 20 2204.174 1450 27300
600*135*4mm 0.0810 8.2 26 2.10600 72ctn/10pallet,     84ctn/10pallet 20 3285.36 1560 27400
600*300*4mm 0.1800 8.2 12 2.16000 72ctn/6pallet,     78ctn/14pallet 20 3291.84 1524 27400
1500*225*5mm+2mm IXPE 0.3375 10.6 5 1.68750 64 21 2268 1344 24500
1800*225*5mm+1.5mm IXPE 0.4050 10.5 5 2.025 64 18 2332.8 1152 24900
Remarks: The quantity per container can be adjusted according to the limited weight of container for different port.

V Groove Painted

Micro V-Groove Beveled

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SPC VINYL flooring is more and more popular with consumers due to its excellent performance, and we can see traces of SPC flooring in many different occasions. Choosing VINYL flooring reflects a person's character, but do you know how to maintain PVC flooring? Today, I will share with you the maintenance and maintenance of PVC flooring. One: Purpose of cleaning and maintenance of spc vinyl floor 1. Improve appearance Timely remove the dirt generated in daily use, so that the elastic floor fully demonstrates its extraordinary appearance and natural gloss. 2. Protect the floor The elastic floor is protected from accidental chemicals, cigarette butts, shoe marks, oil and water, etc., and mechanical abrasion on the surface is minimized, so that the durability of the floor itself can be fully utilized, thereby extending the service life of the vinyl floor. 3. Convenient care Due to the tight surface structure and special treatment of the elastic floor, attention to daily cleaning and maintenance can make the floor easier to care and prolong its service life. Two: Special dirt management methods for spc floor As we all know, SPC PVC flooring has the advantages of antibacterial, high elasticity, wear-resistant and non-slip, waterproof and moisture-proof, and convenient construction. Scientific and reasonable cleaning and maintenance can not only keep the floor bright and tidy, but also increase the service life of the floor. 1. If there is dust, particles or impregnating substances on the floor surface, please clean the floor in time to prevent these debris from damaging the floor surface and causing unnecessary trouble. 2. If part of the floor surface is severely stained, you can use a neutral reagent to clean it, and then scrub the floor surface with a damp cloth. Do not use a wire brush or other sharp brushes to scrub the floor to avoid damage to the surface. 3. When you accidentally drip paint, solvents or medicines on the floor, you should promptly remove them with alcohol. If you use acid or some strong solvents, it may enlarge the dyed area or cause discoloration. 4. When you use a rag with a lot of moisture to clean, pay special attention to the water droplets entering from the horizontal grain or connecting part, causing the connecting part to open. 5. Do not use a moist mop when cleaning the waxed floor to prevent sewage from attaching to the wax surface, causing the wax layer to rise. You can use a slightly damp mop to clean the dust on the surface of the floor, and focus on cleaning the heavily polluted areas. 6. If oil pollution occurs, you can clean it with a neutral agent to keep the floor surface clean. Although the SPC VINYL floor has a certain degree of fire resistance, it may also be burnt. Therefore, when using the SPC PVC floor, please avoid placing some heat-conducting items directly on the surface of the PVC floor to avoid damage to the floor. Three: pvc floor care attention points 1. Avoid pollutants: Although the SPC VINYL floor is easy to clean, it should be avoided to bring pollutants into the room to avoid the situation that cannot be cleaned and pollute and damage the floor. 2. Avoid scratches by sharp objects and hard objects: Avoid bringing hard and sharp objects into the room, especially when there are metal sharp objects at the bottom, do not drag on the floor to prevent the floor from being injured; 3. Avoid water immersion: avoid a large amount of water staying on the floor surface for a long time. If the floor is soaked for a long time, it may penetrate under the floor and cause the floor to melt and lose its adhesion. It may also cause the floor pollution by the protective wax moisture layer on the surface Sewage may penetrate into the interior of the floor and cause discoloration of the floor; 4. Avoid burning and scalding: Although the Golden Elephant Resilient Floor is a fire-retardant floor (Class B1), it does not mean that the floor will not be burned by fireworks. Therefore, when people use SPC PVC flooring, do not use burning cigarette butts, mosquito coils, Live irons and high-temperature metal objects are placed directly on the floor to prevent damage to the floor; 5. Avoid strong light: Avoid direct strong light, avoid ultraviolet radiation, and prevent discoloration and fading of the floor.

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